Health Humanities Lecture Series: Trust in Medicine

Trust me, I’m a doctor. In medicine and psychology, trust is of the essence. Patients rely on doctors to get better; doctors rely on patients to stick to their treatment plan; and both of them rely on science and the efficacy of its treatments and technology. In recent years, however, the public’s trust in doctors and their technology seems to be crumbling, at least in some parts of the world. What is going on here?

The speakers of this year’s LCH² lecture series discuss the many shades of trust in a variety of medical and psychological contexts and disciplines, including end-of-life care, gynaecology, psychiatry, audiology, and bio-statistics. In doing so, they draw on the rich tool box of the humanities, such as history, philosophy, and the arts. Join us online and on campus, at KU Leuven, for a series of wonderful health humanities talks about trust in medicine.

May 2: Use and Abuse of Statistics: Research, Advice, Media, and Public Opinion by Geert Molenberghs


  • DATE
    02 May, 2024
    icon Leercentrum AGORA (114-01)
    Edward Van Evenstraat 4
    3000 Leuven
    Aula Emma Vorlat
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    PhD postdoc ZAP