Meeting Skills for PhDs

You want to learn how to improve the quality of your meetings and limit the time spent in them to what is necessary? You’d like to increase the effectiveness of your meetings? Join the workshop on advancing your meeting skills with expert Wim Coessens on Tuesday 4 April! 

At the end of this training, you can expect to:

  • consciously ask whether a meeting is the best or necessary means to achieve the objective and is therefore worth the time investment (of x number of people).
  • try to limit the time spent in meetings to what is necessary.
  • be able to improve the quality of the meetings in which they participate.
  • have a structured agenda that is provided to all participants in advance.
  • increase the involvement in the meeting by opening up the agenda to the participants so that they can contribute their agenda items.
  • in addition to the topics to be discussed, the agenda also indicates: the person making the request, the goal/result that is expected, the working method (procedure), the estimated time spent.
  • tackled every agenda item according to the CORPI model
  • realize that the effectiveness of a meeting depends on careful and timely preparation, efficient consultation during and clear (+ accepted) agreements about the follow-up after the meeting.
  • have gained experience with decision-making techniques: consensus, majority decision and other useful tools to increase the quality and effectiveness of meetings.


  • DATE
    04 April, 2023
    icon VUB building D
    Pleinlaan 2
    1050 Etterbeek
    PhD postdoc