Health Humanities Series: Simon Hayhoe: Cultural Heritage, Ageing, Disability, and Identity

This lecture is based on the book, Cultural Heritage, Ageing, Disability, and Identity (Routledge, 2019), and examines the effects of disability and ageing on engagement with cultural heritage. The lecture will feature a model of inclusive capital, based on Bourdieu’s theory of cultural capital, and case studies of both the self-reported individual experiences of people with disabilities engaging with cultural heritage, and the accessibility approaches of cultural heritage institutions themselves. The lecture will ground its analysis in a theoretical and historical overview of disability and inclusion and interrogates the various ways in which identity is formed through interaction with cultural heritage. The lecture will also consider the differences in engagement with cultural heritage amongst those who develop disabilities early in life compared to those who acquire disabilities later in life. The conclusions that are drawn offer insights that can help improve the provision of cultural heritage engagement to all people, but particularly those with disabilities.

Simon Hayhoe is reader in education at the University of Bath. In his research and teaching Hayhoe focuses on cultural and artistic inclusionary practices and theories with regard to disability and persons with disabilities. Some of his recent publications are his books on Cultural heritage, ageing, disability and identity (Routledge, 2020) as well as Philosophy as disability and exclusion (Information Age Publishing, 2015).


    11 mei, 2023
    Tweebronnen Library
    Rijschoolstraat 4
    3000 Leuven
    icon Health Humanities
    PhD postdoc ZAP