“Welcome to the real world” – What is your role as a researcher in R&D?

“The real world starts after your PhD”: is it truth or myth? How can you bridge the gap between academia and industry?
To solve this question you need to start by understanding what is available in the industry. What are the different types of roles? What are the parallels and differences with your academic career?
In this workshop aimed at PhDs and Post Docs, we will provide a behind-the-scenes perspective of a typical R&D organisation, the different roles and responsibilities. You will go through an R&D case study and get to experience the typical functions involved in the innovation and production process. For full disclosure, the R&D process, roles and responsibilities are based on P&G positions, however they are similar to most large size R&D organisations.
The workshop takes place on Friday, March 24th on Campus Etterbeek.


    24 maart, 2023
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    Pleinlaan 2
    1050 Brussels
    aula I.2.02
    PhD postdoc